Vikram Gore Managing Director,Gore's Tutoring
Vikram Gore

Gore's Tutoring & Learning Centers were established to offer quality tutoring services at affordable rates. Every new student who enrolls at Gores is assessed personally by me. I believe that accurate assessment of student's academic needs is the first and foremost step before I start teaching the student. I personally conduct the initial interview and make my observations on the learning requirements. Once the learning requirements are assessed, I discuss the tutoring action plan with my team.

I have been teaching IB / A levels / GCSEs / MYP / SAT / AP Mathematics and Sciences for more than 16 years. Having tutored thousands of students, I believe that if a tutor follows continuous assessments, prepares tution plans, evolves a teaching strategy that is specific to the student, conducts regular tests / quizzes, assigns home works and most importantly motivates the student, it is bound to yield amazing results. I have developed a Homework & Revision Support (HWRS) Service that ensures all the learning objectives are met.

Brief History

Gore's Tutoring & Learning Center was established in 2003 by Mr. Vikram Gore with him being the only teacher cum manager cum receptionist !! Today, the company has grown into a reputed tutoring enterprise spanning many countries. Mr.Vikram is a renowned Math & Physics tutor based in Dubai. He has tutored more than 5000 students for the UK / IB / US curricula from leading schools in Dubai. He teaches students along with his team of trained tutors all over the world.

Gore's Education Programs

Besides tutoring centers, Gore's has a publishing company that specializes in developing learning resources (Guidebooks, mock exam papers, worksheets,Videos etc) for IB / MYP / A levels /GCSEs / SAT / ACT / AP courses. This year we launched three unique services:

  1. Premium branded SAT / ACT test prep under the brand
  2. Singapore Math Enrichment program namely "SUPER MATH" Super Math is a Mathematics Learning program based on Globally recognized Singapore Math system. Super Math is a learning system where the Math tutoring for UK / IB / US curriculum is offered by incorporating Singapore Math learning techniques. Singapore Math techniques are rated globally as the best methods to learn Mathematics. Super Math follows these advanced Singaporean Math techniques to enhance the following skills: Mathematical thinking, Problem solving, Logical reasoning, Visual learning, Calculation and Analytical ability
  3. Homework & Revision Support (HWRS) Services: Its a unique academic support service that helps students with Offline as well as Online homework / assignment marking / correction help. The students who sign up for our HWRS service, get regular homework sheets / assignments. These are marked / corrected by expert examiners. The comments are offered in writing / video format with access to customized lessons (both Live and Recorded) on those topics that the student needs based on the examiner reports. This saves time and money for the parents who would otherwise pay hefty sums to private tutors.

Methodology of Gore's Tutoring & Learning Center

Mr.Gore has developed unique teaching methods which have resulted in students achieving higher grades in their examinations. More than the grades, his methods focus on making students grasp the concept and apply them (problem solving). Hundreds of worksheets have been prepared by Mr. Vikram Gore that teach children important mental skills such as logical and critical thinking. The worksheets help cultivate independent learning and discipline the students so that they don't depend on tuition teacher for every single problem. Every worksheet is designed to train students with the necessary examination techniques specific to the exam boards (IB / UK / SABIS / US).

For example: The algebra worksheet for GCSE would differ from MYP algebra worksheet.

The worksheet would have all the components that instill logical and critical thinking and ultimately lead the student to become an independent learner. However, the worksheet for GCSE is designed in a manner that would help students master the necessary examination techniques specific to GCSE. The goal is to achieve Higher grades as well as develop independent learning and problem solving.

Gore's teaching methods involve grouping students of similar ability. Tutors interact with kids through dialogue, asking questions, props, and through words of encouragement – which makes lesson time fun and interactive. It promotes problem-solving skills through the development of independent and creative thinking.

  1. Students looking for specialized coaching / lessons for
  2. 1) Pre-GCSE (Year 7 to Year 9)
  3. 2) GCSE (Year 10 to Year 11)
  4. 3) Pre-IGCSE (Year 7 to year 9)
  5. 4) IGCSE (year 10 to year 11)
  6. 5) AS / A level
  7. 6) MYP
  8. 7) IB
  9. 8) SAT / ACT / AP / PSATs / Pre ACT