Gore’s ACT Test Prep Course

Gores ACT test preparation is a completely online tutoring program. The program is delivered by experts through engaging videos that cover content and strategy.

Practice / Grade:

You’re in the driver seat – choose whether you would like to take the test online or offline. With a beautiful online interface (fully tablet compatible) and easy to use offline experience, Gores ACT prep let’s you decide how you prepare for the test. Get instant feedback on your score, correct answers, incorrect answers, and more!

Gores ACT study programs employ a proven, results-driven methodology of (1) test, (2) grade, (3) review and (4) repeat. Contrary to popular belief, there are no short-cuts, quick fixes or magic wand solutions to a high ACT score. Any student willing to put in the practice and review can significantly increase their test score.

Gores ACT prep understands you have a busy schedule, so we won’t waste your time teaching you basic concepts you already know in a classroom setting. Instead, you immediately take practice tests under timed conditions (online or offline), grade your answers, and review the questions you missed or skipped with expert instruction. We adaptively recommend and provide subject lessons for review based on your practice test performance. Time and time again, our experience has proven if you follow these steps, your score will increase - guaranteed.

The program is offered at a price thats fraction of a cost compared to regular test prep courses.

Watch the videos as many times as you want. Rewind. Pause. Watch them again. It’s your test prep world. With up to 6 full length tests you can engage in hundreds of hours of expert tutor instruction whenever you want, wherever you want, as often as you want. Go through an entire test all at once or review one question at a time, Gores Test prep keeps it simple.


We have video lessons from an expert tutor for EVERY SINGLE question within the program. That’s right, thousands of videos from an expert tutor showing you, instead of telling you, how to properly approach each and every question come test day. We track your individual progress so you know exactly what stage of the review process you’re in. We identify your areas of weakness and offer remediation. Gores ACT prep helps you to stay focused on raising your test score.