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Vikram Gore

Mathematics & Physics Tutor

Gore's Tutoring & Learning Centers were established to offer quality tutoring services at affordable rates. Every new student who enrolls at Gore's is assessed personally by me. I believe that accurate assessment of student's academic needs is the first and foremost step before I start teaching the student. I personally conduct the initial interview and make my observations on the learning requirements. Once the learning requirements are assessed, I discuss the tutoring action plan with my team.

I have been teaching IB / A levels / GCSEs / MYP / SAT / AP Mathematics and Sciences for more than 16 years. Having tutored thousands of students, I believe that if a tutor follows continuous assessments, prepares tution plans, evolves a teaching strategy that is specific to the student, conducts regular tests / quizzes, assigns home works and most importantly motivates the student, it is bound to yield amazing results. I have developed a Homework & Revision Support (HWRS) Service that ensures all the learning objectives are met.

Ms. Yogita

Teaching at Gore's for more than 10 years as Math & Computer tutor. She specializes in GCSE / IGCSE / MYP / AS level / SAT Mathematics/ A level statistics-Mechanics and also teaches IB Standard levels of Analysis-Approaches and Applications-Interpretations. Ms. Yogita holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Computer Science. Ms. Yogita has prepared over 1000 Math worksheets for Year 9, Year 10, and GCSE / IGCSE students.

Ms. Chopra

Specialist Chemistry tutor for IB Higher Level Chemistry, A level Chemistry and AP Chemistry. She has a Masters in Science (Chemistry). Ms. Chopra has been teaching at Gore's for the past 7 years. She is an exam specialist especially for IB Chemistry curriculum.

Mr. Prashan Kumar

Specialist in Economics and Business subjects. He has a Masters in Business Management and has worked as Edexcel examiner. Mr. Kumar has been tutoring at Gore's for the last 6 years. He tutors students from leading IB Schools in Economics (Higher and Standard Level), IB business (HL /SL), GCSE-IGCSE Economics and Business studies as well as IGCSE accounting.

Ms. Kate

Specialist in Biology & Chemistry at Gore's Dubai. She has Masters in Bio-Technology and has been tutoring at Gore's for more than 5 years. Ms. Kate has extensive knowledge of IB Biology (HL / SL) as well as IB Chemistry (SL). She also tutors IGCSE / GCSE for fast track Chemistry/ Biology batches at Gore's. Ms. Kate also does online tutoring for students based in Dubai specifically for IA / Exploration for Biology and Chemistry.

Ms. Jain

Specialist Chemistry tutor for IB-MYP curriculum. She tutors students who are in need for fast track exam oriented IB-MYP as well as GCSE Triple Science-Combined science tutoring sessions. Ms. Jain also teaches Biology for IGCSE-GCSE-MYP levels. She is been working with Gore's for over 5 years. Ms. Jain holds a Masters in Bio-technology qualification.

Assistant Tutors:

Gore's Tutoring & Learning Center has more than 12 assistant tutors who support our senior tutors. We believe in offering individual attention within a small group lesson. This is achieved with the support of trained assistant tutors. The small group lessons are priced at a fraction of the cost of private -one to one lesson. Gore's also has private online tutoring support for students based in Dubai. Gore's Tutorials

All the assistant tutors are trained by Mr. Gore. They follow the tutoring techniques developed by Mr. Gore and therefore every student who attends the lessons does not feel left out. The quality of tutoring is maintained by constant monitoring by a dedicated staff who looks into the home work, course coverage, assignments and tests.