How it Works

Your Search for qualified tutors stops here ! Gore's is a leading education institute offering tuition courses/programs for

1) IGCSE subjects
2) GCSE subjects
3) AS-A level subjects
4) MYP subjects
5) IB Subjects
6) Homeschooling / British council students (Click here for more details)
7) CBSE to IB Migration program
8) Fast Track IB / A level / IGCSE tutoring programs

Types of Tutoring:

Gore's offers Small group and Private lessons.

All our lessons are structured in terms of the content, teaching modules, assignments, homework, regular tests, teacher's feedback (Human marked tests as per exam marking schemes), predicted scores as per student's continuous evaluation.

Typically, a class at Gore's consists of 3-4 students at the same academic level doing the lessons in group format. There are two teachers who teach these students. One of the teachers explains the concepts individually to the student or the group (if they take a common topic). At the same time, other teacher helps students solve questions. The teaching time is shared effectively in such a manner that no student feels left out. The advantage of this methodology is that students learn faster since they are in a small group and can compete /share knowledge from each other. It also develops interactive learning which is the cornerstone of any modern education system.

At Gore's, we have created student log in and a student page on our portal that makes reporting student's progress simpler. The parents have an opportunity to monitor their child's progress at every stage. They have to log in to the website with the unique password and can view the complete progress chart. The details provide the parents with number of lessons done, assignments, homework, tests and the scores. The reports by the teachers are also available. Every student's performance can be evaluated by these detailed reports that are generated.

Private Lessons are offered on advance booking. For more details, you need to call us or email us and check the availability of the tutors.

Fees: At Gore's the fee structure is by no means "expensive" when compared to the other tutoring centers in Dubai. Our focus is on "Quality Tutoring at Affordable Prices"

To learn more about our pricing, email us or fill up the contact us page.