IB Maths Standard Level AA / AI

The IB Maths Standard level (SL) AA & AI Tutoring is offered by teachers who are qualified and certified private Maths tutors. The IB Maths SL AA/ AI Maths tution in Dubai focuses on IB Board Specifications and exam paper patterns. Gore's Tutors offer IB Maths SL tuitions in a blended mode. The tutoring also covers key IB Maths SL concepts, prior learning topics as per IB Board requirements, pre-IB SL evaluation and assessments.

IB Standard Level Mathematics Analysis & Approaches is similar to Pure Mathematics option. Many schools in Dubai which are under khda choose this Maths option for their students. IB Math SL AA is easier than Math HL AA. But it is widely accepted by colleges / universities across the world for entry into engineering / Sciences / Economics courses.

IB Mathematics Standard level Applications & Interpretations was previously known as Mathematical Studies. This option is easier than Math HL AI. The SL AI papers are technology friendly and this option is recommended for students who wish to pursue Business / Management, Social Sciences or those who are in the IB courses or those who opt for Btec courses in Dubai schools.

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The lessons offered are in blended mode with Private and small group options. The Maths teachers are trained by the IB Schools in IB Maths SL maths specifications (Paper corrections, Marking scheme based evaluation, assessments, teaching modules, maths lesson plans as per IB board specifications etc). Besides teaching the topics / concepts, the tutors at Gore's Tutoring conduct practice sessions that have exam style questions, weekly tests / evaluations, regular homework and test corrections with grading. This continuous evaluation technique helps students / parents in Dubai to keep track of their academic progress in IB Maths SL portions.

IB Math SL AA / AI lessons at Gore's Tutoring are offered in two formats:

  1. Onsite / classroom Math sessions
  2. Online Math Classes
■ IB Math SL AA / AI coaching in Dubai is offered in small groups in a face to face format as well as Online sessions.
  • The IB math teachers at Gore's work with students to support them in their school work, help them understand the IB learning objectives, work on IB Math SL AA / AI exam questions from past papers, guide them in their exploration (IAs) as well as Extended essays (if required).
  • IB Math SL AA / AI has 2 papers each weighing 40% of the total marks. 20% is for exploration (IA). The papers are divided into Section A & Section B.
  • In the SL AA one of the papers is Non-calculator while the other is a calulator paper. In SL AI, both papers are Calculator papers.
  • At Gore's Dubai, we ensure that students get familiarised with the type of questions in both papers, various patterns of questions in Section A & Section B, criteria / objectives of each of these questions with reference to scoring levels, achieve the required speed of solving based on standard IB requirements, ensuring the accuracy of the answers (error ranges) as per IB Marking schemes, getting to know the "how to score" maximum scores in the minimum amount of time etc.
  • Our academic director, Mr. Gore, has been teaching IB Maths for last 20 years. The wealth of experience he commands is imparted to the tutors who work under him and students, therefore, benefit from it immensely.
  • The tuitions are highly focussed as per IB Math SL AA/ AI specifications. The mathematics teachers at Gore's Dubai impart the neccessary concepts, familiarise the students with exam questions related to that specific concept, assign IB math SL AA / AI drill questions, correct them where ever required. Mock tests are also conducted.
■ ** Note** ■ ☆☆Students who get tutored from private teachers / non- accredited IB math centers can also benefit from our Fast Track Exam Oriented tutoring / coaching options.

︎Gore's Tutoring offers FAST TRACK EXAM ORIENTED classes for IB Math Year 13 students who have not attended our regular classes. These tutoring sessions help in focussing on IB Past Paper solving techniques. Students from Dubai International Academy(DIA), EIS, Wellington, JESS, DAA, Repton, Raffles... attend our tution classes and IB coaching lessons.

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You can go through the testimonials of students as a proof of our teaching standards and our past records.

The IB Maths Standard Level (SL) tutors offer their tution services to students from reputed schools such as Dubai International Academy (DIA), Dubai American Academy (DAA), Repton Dubai, Wellington International (Sh Zayed road / DSO), Raffles World academy, Emirates International School (EIS Jumeirah / Meadows), Gems World academy, Gems Modern High, JESS Ranches, Greenfield Community School Dubai, Victoria International, Australian School etc

During Summer months, we offer Fast Track IB Maths courses for students who need a headstart or want to cover maths portions at a faster pace. There are many students from India, Malaysia, EU and UK who attend our summer courses to speed up their IB Maths preparation.

You may contact us by email or form page and get more information about our courses.

What we offer & How it works:

  1. Private Tutoring / Small group tutoring
  2. IB Accredited Tutors
  3. Experienced in IB / UK Curriculum
  4. Certified Lesson plans as per IB Maths specifications for Blended teaching
  5. Private Online lessons/ Private Home Tutors
  6. Hundreds of respected and top school references / testimonials
  7. Access to thousands of practice questions prepared by our expert tutors and access to Gore's Q Bank
  8. Regular tests and evaluation
  9. Past papers solutions

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