The IGCSE/ GCSE Tutoring in Dubai offers teaching services of licensed and certified private Maths tutors in Dubai. The IGCSE / GCSE Maths tution in Dubai focuses on Edexcel / AQA / CIE / OCR boards. The Dubai Tutors offer GCSE 9-1 Linear Maths tuitions / lessons. The tutoring also covers IGCSE Maths of Edexcel (Foundation as well as Higher) and IGCSE Maths of CIE (Core and Extended). We also offer Additional / Further Maths lessons for OCR / CCEA /AQA /Edexcel boards in Dubai.

The lessons offered are in blended mode with Private and small group options. The Maths teachers in Dubai are trained by the UK Schools in GCSE / IGCSE maths specifications (Paper corrections, Marking scheme based evaluation, assessments, teaching modules, maths lesson plans as per UK board specifications etc). Besides teaching the topics / concepts, the Dubai tutors conduct practice sessions that have exam style questions, weekly tests / evaluations, regular homework and test corrections with grading. This continuous evaluation technique helps students / parents in Dubai to keep track of their academic progress in GCSE / IGCSE Maths.

The IGCSE / GCSE Maths tutors in Dubai offer their tution services to students from reputed schools such as Dubai College, Jumeirah College, English College, DESC, Dubai British School, Repton, Wellington International, Wellington DSO, Raffles World academy, Chouiefat School, Regent, DIS, Cambridge,

Majority of GCSE / IGCSE Maths students take the following exams in Dubai:

GCSE (Edexcel) Maths Linear , GCSE (AQA) Maths, IGCSE CIE (Extended) Maths, IGCSE CIE (Core) Maths, IGCSE Edexcel (Foundation / Higher) Maths, Edexcel Further Maths IGCSE, CCEA Further Maths, OCR Further Maths

What we offer & How it works:

Private Tutoring / Small group tutoring

Licensed Tutors (License from KHDA, Ministry of Education in Dubai)

Experienced in UK / IB Curriculum

Certified Lesson plans

Hundreds of respected and top school references / testimonials

Access to thousands of practice questions prepared by our expert tutors and access to Gore's Q Bank

Regular tests and evaluation

Past papers solutions

About Our tutors:

Highly qualified and experienced tutors UK board teaching expertise. To check the list of our Maths Tutors please click the link Dubai Tutors