IGCSE / GCSE Physics

Gore's Tutoring is a premier GCSE-IGCSE-O level Physics tutoring academy and learning center based in Dubai. We specialize in IGCSE / GCSE Physics tutoring for UK Boards such as Edexcel / AQA / CIE in Dubai. The Physics tutors in Dubai are licensed, qualified and highly experienced in the IGCSE / GCSE curriculum. The IGCSE- GCSE Physics lessons focus on detailed concept explanation in a private / one-on-one tuition mode, followed by past paper practice and solving in small groups.

1) Regular IGCSE / GCSE Physics Tutoring

Majority of the students opt for the regular IGCSE-GCSE Physics tutoring classes. These lessons incorporate comprehensive IGCSE-GCSE Physics syllabus coverage. The Physics tuitions are offered in blended mode with a perfect mix of private and small group lessons. The course is taught in a systematic manner closely following the regular school studies. The tuitions help students to get advanced knowledge of the topics that are covered in the schools. Regular IGCSE-GCSE Physics tutoring is offered on all the days of the week.

2) Private (One-on-One) Tutoring

Recommended for slow learners as well as those students with specific queries. The private or One-on-one IGCSE-GCSE Physics tutoring is need based and depends on the availability of the tutors. The scheduling and booking of these classes need to be done in advance.

3) Summer IGCSE / GCSE Physics Fast Track Tutoring

This programs helps students to master the IGCSE-GCSE Physics concepts at a faster pace and gives an head start to the students before they join the schools. The programs runs throughout the summer months (From last week of June until first week of September).

4) Winter Break / Vacation IGCSE / GCSE Physics

Recommended for students who want to cover specific topics where they lag behind or want to get a head start. The programs generally runs from second week of December until the first week of January. Those students who want to brush up their concepts also can join this program. The topics covered are based on student's requirements. There is a lot of emphasis on exam papers and methods of solving the questions that appear in the IGCSE-GCSE Physics board exams. The IGCSE / GCSE Physics tutors in Dubai offer their tution services to students from reputed A level schools such as Dubai College (DC), Jumeirah College (JC), English College (EC), Wellington international, Raffles world academy, JESS Ranches, King's Dubai, Winchestor school, Dubai British School (DBS), Dubai English Speaking School DESC), Cambridge school, chouiefat school, Regent school, Repton school Dubai, British Council students, Home schooling students etc