License & Permits

Gore's Tutoring fz llc is licensed by the Tecom Authority (Renamed Dubai Creative Clusters Authority) in the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) Dubai Cluster. Gore's Tutoring is fully Licensed by the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai) to offer "Tutoring Services" / "Supplementary Education Services".

NOTE: There are many centers / Home tutors in Dubai who claim to possess tutoring license when in reality they do not have any certification or trained tutors! Parents are advised to check the license and permit details of centers before enrolling their children. Hundreds of parents fall prey to such unscrupulous and fake tutors in Dubai. * Home Tutors / Housewives working from home or hired from unlicensed agencies or centers are not qualified to teach the school curriculum. Parents must watch out before hiring such unlicensed and Illegal tutors. It is illegal to hire teachers without a license. Teaching in residential buildings without license is an offense and if reported and enforced can lead to legal problems for the parents as well as the housewives.

Gore's Tutoring is one of the few tutoring centers in Dubai to have Tutoring Services Permit Issued by the KHDA. A tutoring center is a specialized education center that offers trained staff / tutors who can teach the School curriculum or the curriculum followed by the schools. Gore's Tutoring fz llc is permitted by the KHDA to offer tutoring services for UK / US / IB boards. The tutors are licensed and trained.

Difference between a "Learning Center" / " Training Center" / "Enrichment Center "/ "Test Preparation" / "Housewife teacher" VS " Gore's Tutoring "

1) Learning center teachers are not trained in the school curriculum

2) Majority of these centers offer a private curriculum or some kind of franchised education program.Gore's Tutoring offers Exam Oriented tutoring for Edexcel / AQA / CIE / OCR / IB /AP /SAT / SABIS boards.

3) Gore's Tutoring uses copyrighted / proprietary software and resources that are endorsed by the respective boards of education to teach students

4) Teachers at Gore's Tutoring are trained and experienced in exam paper corrections, exam paper preparation etc

5) Gore's Tutoring offers regular exam oriented homework, assignments, test papers. These papers are corrected as per exam specifications and graded. Most of the learning centers do not offer these services

6) Most of these centers do not have valid testimonials / past exam performance records. Gore's Tutoring can showcase respectable parent and student references / testimonials.

7) Housewives who tutor at homes group 10-15 kids with different subjects, grades and learning abilities. At Gore's learners are grouped as per their academic levels and grades. At a time the housewife tutor can concentrate approximately for 15 minutes on every student. This does not offer value for money.